• Sandy Jolles

The Performance Benefits of Creatine

In one of my earlier posts, I shared about the expectations of BCAAs when it came to repairing damaged muscle tissue and as a supplementation. However, when it comes to increasing your performance and capacity during high intensity exercise, I'd highly recommend Creatine as a supplement. In our bodies, it is naturally produced and stored as phosphocreatine which is used to recharge your ATP stores (our energy currency) during an intense workout. For very short bursts of exercise, especially with sprint performance or weightlifting, creatine can be a powerful supplementation to improve maximal strength & power as well as knee propulsion. When using creatine, your stores of phosphocreatine within your body increase to 10-40% which gives your body that necessary fuel to work at a higher intensity.

Like everything, it's important to start gradually with supplementation and observe your body's response. Bioindividuality is key, so it's best to monitor how your performance is impacted based on the supplement you choose. Keep in mind that creatine is primarily used for more intense activities within short bursts and of high intensities. Diet is also a huge factor, thus creatine supplementation may make sense for certain athletes, while producing a less than desired effect in others.

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