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Barre Training

Updated: Jan 15

Holistic nutrition and training go hand in hand. Being a health and fitness coach, I always teach my clients about the importance of focus. Many people come to me, admiring the strength and focus of celebrities, looking forward to introducing them to a similar plan. Barre training is among the most productive training programs.

What is Barre Training?

Barre training is a three-in-one low conditioning class. It is a combination of ballet movements, Pilates’ strength, and Yoga’s stretch. It is one 45-minute class with a super energizing workout for the whole body. You prop up your balance on the “barre” while focusing on isometric strength exercises.

Benefits of Barre Training

The movements might be small, and sweating might be less intense, but the benefits are below:

Improved Posture

Barre training focuses on building up the strength of the shoulder and chest, keeping you from slouching.

Peachy Bum

Barre training is an excellent exercise for glutes. It strengthens pelvis, lightens pressure on back, hips, and knees and works on the posterior chain.

Stronger core

Being a strength exercise, barre training focuses on your abdominal muscles to help correct their alignment and improve tone.

Stronger back

isometric strength exercises in barre training build strength in muscles of the back and spine. Barre training alleviates the pressure on these muscles and helps relieve back pain. Strong back muscles help improve posture, as well.

Defined muscles

We tend to focus more on glutes and abs, ignoring the equally important limb muscles. Barre training is a whole-body workout that includes push-ups, shoulder work, bicep curls, and triceps dips.

Increased flexibility

No strength training is complete without building flexibility. The combination of stretch and focus on barre training helps build flexibility exponentially.

Decreased Stress

Barre connects the effects of Yoga with HIIT training. It is a mental challenge that requires focus and mindfulness. It is a form of meditation that will make you feel calm.

Slimmer body

Although barre training is not specifically designed for weight loss, the improvement in your posture and alignment helps you feel slimmer. You’ll have toned muscles, longer looking limbs, no slouch, and a defined posture.

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