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A Minute of Possibility

When we're submerged into the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, taking a second to regroup may feel like an hour. However, what if taking a 60 second break was like a reset button for our minds? What if that minute could help us stay centered and in control of our time?

Hitting the pause button can slow our spinning brain. Instead of the usual focus of everything whirring around us, try switching your attention to one thing in the present and find that intentionality. This may be your breath, the sounds you hear, or even scenic observations you notice. This simple act can ground you in the here and now. Instead of getting caught up on a jumble of thoughts, you can re-engage with reality.

When we're in work mode, sometimes we can tell stories to ourselves that are filled with anxiety. It usually veers towards a negative angle, and can lead to rumination. Being a conscious observer of these stories will allow us to challenge the validity and impact of what this entails. Self talk is even easier to spot as it's usually our inner voice that may be unkind or demeaning.

In these 60 seconds, you can also take the time to assess your physical posture. Do you notice your back is arching? Are your shoulders tense and towards your ears? Is your jaw clenched? Asking these questions can help stretch and reset our bodies. Some good cuing that I like to do is rooting your feet into the earth. Soft knees and lift up from your pelvic floor. Roll the shoulders back and allow them to melt down towards your spine. Keep your neck nice and long and relax your jaw. Many times, our body is trying to talk to us, and instead of staying disconnected, give yourself the chance to become aware and tend to your needs.

Even in a conversation, pausing for a second can encourage an intentional response. You can better focus on what others are saying, how they're saying it, and how you'll respond. This can improve your connection and pick up on underlying messages that may have been missed.

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