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Wellness With Sandy

Wellness with Sandy is about nourishing ourselves holistically to improve function and create balance in our bodies. When we feel strong in our bodies, we carry that same strength in our minds.

Wellness with Sandy is about having fun, building a fearless and confident mind, and finding self-happiness and actualization.  My goal is to create a wellness community of strong, supportive, and encouraging people.  I want to create a place where you are celebrated and comfortable from the moment you walk in the door.  By encouraging self sufficiency, I offer a unique perspective and encourage each client to observe their body's response given the right building blocks.

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Wellness With Sandy Includes

Personal Training


Strength Training

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


Body Pump

Health Coaching

Pilates Mat

Core Power Training



What People Say About Sandy


"Sandy has the ability to make each class fly by.  Her enthusiasm is infectious and her format is geared towards all fitness levels. I look forward to her classes, and I"m motivated to get in the best shape I can!"

Stephanie Teran

"After not working out for years, Sandy's classes have kicked my butt in shape! She's easy to follow and loves connecting with people. Her professionalism is also a plus!"

Carolyn Dell

"Sandy and I first met when she taught at my apartment complex, and I liked her style. She made her class a good blend of strength and endurance, and now I am a huge fan of HIIT classes (all thanks to her)."

Paulina Alcocer

"Even in the most grueling workout, Sandy continually pushes and motivates you (with a big smile). Her core classes especially are difficult, but I'm grateful!"

Katie Pinciaro

"I've had the pleasure of taking many of Sandy's classes. Her enthusiasm and ability to cater to all levels of fitness experience makes her classes approachable for everybody and super fun."

Julia Davis

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