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About Sandy Jolles

What Led to Wellness With Sandy

My name is Sandy Jolles, and I am passionate about the many shades of wellness.  I am a board-certified nutritionist and licensed dietary nutritionist.  My education has given me a foundation of the integral role our digestion and microbiome has on the quality and clarity of our thoughts, and how health-supportive modifications and habits can bring about sustainable lifestyle changes. As there is more information on how integral nutrition is to our lives, it is becoming more evident how important it is to nourish ourselves on a holistic level by improving function and creating balance in our bodies.  I aim to cultivate a goal of progress over perfection and teach my clients to respect the wisdom of their body.  This will over time lead toward a healthier outlook on life, a healthier relationship with food, and a higher level of emotional health.

On the physical wellness side, I am a barre, Pilates, yoga, as well as body pump instructor, and I work to create routines that integrate coordination with functional fitness.  In 2019, I graduated from the Institute of Integrated Nutrition (IIN), which has educated me on hundreds of dietary theories, as well as the importance and balance of our primary food groups (exercise, relationships, spirituality, and career).

Mу Principles 
•    Hоlіѕtіс Approach 
I bеlіеvе in a holistic approach to health.  Weight management is only one aspect of health- quick fixes and fad diets may work in the short run but do not produce sustainable, lasting results.  I know the importance of developing a healthy relationship with food, learning to eat mindfully, and of making health and fitness part of a lifestyle. 

•    Healing power of food 

I believe in the healing power of food.  Research increasingly shows that health problems such as heart disease, type-2 diabetes, autoimmune conditions, digestive issues, cancer, skin conditions, mood disorders, and even developmental disorders begin in the gut.  Many of these health conditions can be prevented, improved, or even reversed with proper nutrition. 

•    Mobility is Key 

As a group fitness instructor, I constantly emphasize staying active.  Not only is it important for our circulation and joints, but also for a healthy state of mind.  Each person has their own story, and I love being able to modify and tailor my mobility protocol to each individual.   Each body and every person is different, and being a fitness professional is about taking the time to understand what may work for one person, may be different for the next. By taking a deeper dive into the physiology of exercise, I can help my clients improve joint mechanics, muscular imbalances, neuromuscular control, and postural tone. 

•    You are the Expert

I believe that YOU are the expert when it comes to your own body.  I'm a guide on the side to educate, empower, and motivate you towards your health goals.  My programs hеlр to achieve a better balance in your primary food groups,  and provide a safe space to guide and discover what you hope to achieve.  By approaching each consultation with a calm and a nonjudgmental attitude, I provide clients the space to explore their inner wisdom.

My Approach

I believe exercise, mindfulness, and nutrition are our greatest and most potent medicines, and my goal as a wellness professional is to encourage clients to be self-sufficient by learning to observe the body's response to various lifestyle and dietary modifications.

I will tailor each person's fitness and nutrition plan based on the individual, not the theory. I aim to help clients with health-supportive modifications and habits (e.g. physical activity, more fruits, and vegetables, drinking more water, nurturing good relationships, etc).

I don't do quick fixes. It doesn't work. I prefer my wellness community to see lasting results, rather than quick results with a high degree of drop off.  After each consultation, my goal is to ensure you leave positive and motivated.

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